Our festival is a combination of fantastic businesses and the local community coming together to create a great event. Everyone involved in the Dornoch Whisky Festival is well versed in the industry and knows exactly what a great whisky festival should be and we decided the best way to showcase this was to create the Dornoch Whisky Festival back in 2015 to showcase the very best of what the North Highlands has to offer.


We have so many great whiskies produced right on our doorstep (for some of us, quite literally) but there is much more to the Dornoch Whisky Festival than that. Here in the Highlands, we are famous for our full-bodied whiskies and as we cover such a large and diverse area, each distillery has its own characteristics and within this, each malt has its own distinctive taste.


 The same can be said for the Highlands themselves; with the dramatic change of scenery, the exceptional hospitality and the sheer feeling of community that is embedded in the very being of Dornoch and its surrounding areas.


 Come for the great whisky, but leave Dornoch with a sense of belonging, new friendships and wonderful memories. 


That's what the Dornoch Whisky Festival is all about.